Stud Bustin’

You’re flying along on your newest project. The new parts are in, the gaskets and seals are fresh, and the bolts are torqued to spec. Then, all of a sudden, as you’re tightening the last cover bolt down, you feel that sickening feeling that none other than a broken bolt can produce. Undeterred, you get the drill and Easy-outs out of the chest. The bolt drills fine, but as soon as you apply torque to the Easy-out, you are once again greeted with the shearing of metal as the Easy-out breaks off in the bolt.

Now what?

Enter the metal disintegrator.

This bad boy can fry holes in anything that conducts electricity, regardless of what it is, whether it be pot metal or H13 hardened tool steel. With this, easy-outs are a thing of the past. This particular one has more in common with an EDM machine, however.

(this is an experimental one I built that has a microcontroller-controlled cutting head and has a lot of cutting power in a small-portable package for on-site work. I also designed it to be able to do precision machining work as well. I will provide details for those who are interested in building one.)

Pictures to follow!

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