Full service powersports & small engine repair,  performance tuning/modifications, and restoration



We are a full-service powersports shop that services all brands, models, and years.

Our motto is: "If it's got handlebars and an engine, it can be fixed!"


-On-site service*

     Ever been in a situation when you ask yourself: "Why can't the shop come to me?"

Guess what? Now it can! We can perform on-site service for most situations.


-Emergency towing, haul-away, pick up, and delivery (on and off road)*

    Whether you are broken down on the Interstate, stuck in a mudhole out in the middle of nowhere, or just need someone to bring your ride from one place to the next, we can help. Finally, a towing/moving service for your toys!


-Rates starting as low as $50/hour

Unlike traditional dealerships, we offer unbeatable labor rates.


-Full shop service (all makes and models):

     We can service anything and everything, all with great skill! If it has handlebars and a motor, it can be fixed fast and right. These are machine types we usually service:

                -ATV                       -Motorcycle (Sport, street, cruiser, MX, enduro, touring, etc.)

                -ATC                       -Snowmobile

                -PWC ("jetskis")    -UTV ("side-by-sides")





Not only can we do anything a dealer or regular mechanic can do, we can also

perform specialized tasks that most cannot and will not do. Here is a brief list:


-Vintage Motorcycle/ATV/ATC maintenance and repair

      Turned away from a mechanic or dealer because it's "too old"? We service all makes

and models, regardless of model year! Wether you have an old BSA or a new CBR,

we can service it.


-Welding services:

       Allow us to put our welding skills to work for you! Everything from broken mounts

to frame gusseting, we can do it all! Here are the welding types we can currently perform:

               -MIG(Wirefeed, FCAW)

               -SMAW(Arc, stick)

               -Oxyfuel (brazing,cutting,welding)


-"Pressed-together" type crankshaft rebuilds

      We rebuild pressed-section type crankshafts. These are most common on

single cylinder 2 and 4 stroke engines, but are also used in almost all multi-cylinder 2 strokes, such as snowmobiles. (sorry, we do not service one piece automotive style





Need to stand out from the crowd or destroy the competition?

Allow us to provide you with the expertise or custom parts!

Here is a list for performance services that we offer.


-Custom exhausts, expansion chambers

     Need a megaphone exhaust or an expasion chamber for your ride? We can blueprint and make one to suit your needs! Hydroformed or traditional welded section pipes are avaliable.


-Basic porting jobs

     (2 strokes only) We can clean up, polish, port, and match your cylinder castings

for increased performance, better flow, greater velocity, and power delivery.


-Custom build jobs

      Stand out from the crowd with custom, made-to-order parts and builds

that won't break the bank. Everything from show bikes to drag machines, we do

it all; Everything from show machines to all-out racing setups.


-Carburetor to EFI conversions

      Carburetors are great, but unfortunately they cannot compare to the tunability and

adaptability of Electronic Fuel Injection. EFI offers more tunability without the hassle of constantly removing, rejetting, and reinstalling carburetors. Unlock your engine's true potential with a custom installed and tuned modern EFI system. 


-Turbo/supercharger installs

      Add insane levels of power with custom turbocharger or blower setups.

No displacement too big or small! Couple this with an EFI conversion for ultimate tunability!



Please contact us for more information.


-Small-scale CNC Milling

-Advanced porting

-Custom aluminium castings

-Custom electronics

-Performance products, bolt-on or made-to-order


* = available for most jobs, contact us for more information.